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Smalle loopbrug

Hiking links has been offering inspiration for walkers for over eight years, in words and images.

walking tours organized by the participants (20-45 yrs)

walking tours organized by the participants (all ages)

Nice hiking site with blog by John and Mirjan. On this blog they share the nicest walks  

Walks, trips and journeys are described here, tours done by ourselves .

 Multi-day tours with survival and bushcraft activities for all levels.

Find an outdoor store

There are 189 outdoor and camping stores in their system

Are you looking for an organized cycling holiday? An individual cycling trip, or group?  

Dutch Mountain Trail in Zuid Limburg
Wandelen door de bergen van Slovenië
vuurtje maken in de vuurhut
Wandelen in Nederland

Friends of Pippin Hikes

Our catering company Pippin Foods provides the food during the day walks and holidays. and catering for parties, etc.

is a Design en  Lettering company especially for small businesses, one-man businesses and freelancers. Sister of Jan.

Specializing in Harley Davidson. For maintenance and repair, parts and accessories, Brother-in-law van Jan

Double Trouble Light & Sound ensures that the Light & Sound is perfectly taken care of at your party/event. Cousin of Jan

Friends of ours have moved to beautiful France since Aug 2022 with five children. Follow their adventures in their blog

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