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Op wandelvakantie met Pippin Hikes

Information about Pippin Hikes!

To walk

Kim and Jan both enjoy walking. The first long-distance walk we made was the West Highlandway in Scotland and the walking virus has really taken hold with us. We now have the Pelgrimspad, the Gr10 over the Pyrenees and have walked the Four Days Marches of Nijmegen five times. 

In recent years we have started the journey from Amsterdam to Santiago de Compostela with our  Border collie "Haggis" and since 2017 also with "Smørrie".


How heavy are the Walking Days

To help you choose, we have expressed the difficulty of the walking tours in a number of footsteps. This takes into account the height differences and the distances per day. This remains an estimate; the ultimate difficulty of a trip partly depends on weather conditions and your own physical condition.

1 footstep

If there is one walking step, our estimate of the walking holiday is;


You will have little difference in height and around 10 to 15 km per day.

1 voetstap
Wandelvakantie met Pippin Hikes


We walk about 15 to 25 km per day. The pace is always experienced as nice.

On average, including breaks, we usually end up at around 3 km per hour

We are in no hurry and take the time to take pictures and look around at all the beautiful things we encounter along the way.

Wandelen over de Dutch Mountain Trail_edited.jpg

Reviews Pippin Hikes?

What do others think of Pippin Hikes? Walkers who have been with us can leave a review on Google.

Below are some reviews. For more you can look on Google


After 2 camping holidays with Jan and Kim, I can only leave a 5 star review. The holidays are arranged down to the last detail. The tents are fully equipped and you will always be well provided with food and something to drink. The activities are fun, and sometimes surprising or challenging. But the most important thing is that Jan and Kim are fantastic people who create a very good atmosphere (although you have to be able to handle a bit of dry humor ;)).

Review Dutch Mountain Trail

After booking?

After you have made the booking, we will process it. You will receive the invoice after a few days, the travel letter and then a separate email from the STO guarantee fund for the payments. On the invoice you can find the deposit of around 20% and how much the remaining amount is. The travel letter contains everything about where we spend the night, daily schedules and tips such as a packing list. If you have any questions based on the travel letter, we are always happy to help

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