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Soca valley, Slovenia

The Soča Valley is located just next to the border with Italy and is known for its beautiful nature. The valley has a huge attraction for active travelers. The mountains are fantastic for hiking and the Soča river has a beautiful emerald green color. Centuries-old traditions, such as those of traditional cheese-making, are still kept alive in the alpine pastures. Between nature you will also find nice villages whose history goes back to prehistoric times. During the First World War, this area was the front line between the armies of Italy and Austria-Hungary. Remnants of the battle can still be found throughout the valley.
The experience of the beautiful nature of the Soča valley is central to everything; this place is not called Slovenia's outdoor sports paradise for nothing. Pippin Hikes places the attractive tipis and the pop-up kitchen where the most delicious meals come out in the middle of this beautiful area.
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10 days | €999

Wandelen in Slovenë
Kerk van Kobarid in Slovenië
Heerlijk eten in Slovenie
Napoleon brug in Slovenie

On adventure

Day 1 | 6km

We meet at the campsite in Slovenia. We are close to the village of Tolmin where there is plenty to do. We start with a cup of coffee with something delicious and you can acclimatize and relax. After you have met the other participants and have furnished your tipi, a delicious lunch is ready. After lunch we put on our hiking boots for a short walk where we have beautiful views. Here you already get to see how beautiful Slovenia is.
When we return, the most delicious dishes come from Kim's kitchen and we can enjoy a wonderful evening.

Julische Alpen

The Soča valley 

Nature in the Soča valley can be described as a mountainous landscape with very beautiful nature reserves, beautiful lakes, rivers and forests. Most striking is the Soča river with its beautiful emerald colored water. This river has its source in the Julian Alps.
The area is the outdoor destination in Europe. in Triglav National Park are the highest mountains in the country. In terms of game, you can spot chamois, ibex, red deer, foxes and alpine marmots. There are also lynxes and brown bears, but they are more common in the south. There are also 84 bird species including the golden eagle
  • Ready-made tents tipi tents
  • Beds (stretchers with air mattress)
  • Tour guides Kim and Jan
  • Chefs Jan and Kim
  • Workshop food from nature
  • SUP on the Soca River
  • All food on the campsite. incl. picnic lunches 
  • Snacks and drinks at the tent
  • Guided hiking trails
  • incl. administration costs
  • incl. booking costs
KIm en Jan van Pippin Hikes
Nieuwe datum 2025 volgt.
€ 999,-

Camping & Food

There are showers at the campsite and we have electricity in the tent. You sleep in one, two or three-person tipi with your travel companions or you have a nice tent for yourself.

We take the kitchen with us and cook Kim and Jan take care of the meals, snacks and drinks from the party tent. Diets can be taken into account. Please indicate this in advance of course. Jan walks with the group every day. We never really rush and take the time to see and experience things.
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How do you get there?

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