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Get the latest info on new and upcoming movies. Underworld: Evolution Italian Edition Blu-ray Review After waiting nearly a decade for this next chapter in the Underworld franchise, what will the HD DVD and Blu-ray look like? Reviewed by Dr. Svet Atanasov, Associate Editor Underworld: Evolution Blu-ray Review Underworld: Evolution Review Feature: The next chapter in the Underworld franchise arrives in two media formats: a high-definition Blu-ray disc and a standard definition DVD disc. The Blu-ray format includes all the extras of the standard edition disc with an HDR display and more bonus content. The DVD includes all the extras of the standard edition disc plus enhanced picture quality and more bonus content. Underworld: Evolution Underworld: Evolution Reviews Video: Underworld: Evolution is presented in an excellent 1080p high-definition transfer of the Blu-ray edition. The frame lines are clean and sharp, and there is no noticeable compression of detail. Colours are very vibrant and film-like. Sharpness and detail are excellent in the human characters. The effects are also quite impressive. Blacks are deep and dark, and overall the high definition video is very impressive. Underworld: Evolution HD DVD Review Audio: The 5.1 surround track in the Blu-ray edition of Underworld: Evolution is quite good. There are some instances of some background dialogue and effects mixed up. Otherwise, the audio is quite good, and the sound effects are quite impressive. There are no problems with the surround track. Underworld: Evolution DVDs




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Underworld Evolution Dvdrip Ita Download Torrent spapadr

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